Sandan Prosecco Superiore DOCG

This Prosecco Superiore is the traditional version that combines varietal aromaticity with savouriness enhanced by the bubbles.

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The color is straw yellow with green reflections. The perlage is lively and persistent.
On the nose is delicate, harmonious, with hints of white fruit and cluster flowers.
The flavor is pleasant, full, with balanced sapidity, fresh, caressing, soft.
Vinication: LogoVINIFICATION:
This Prosecco is obtained from the Glera vine following a careful disciplinary of workmanship that makes it possible to obtain a wine that is suitable to become Prosecco.
The separation takes place through a hyperbaric fermentation to avoid that the wine, which is in an autoclave at 5 atmospheres, has all the phases.
The Prosecco then, after a first natural fermentation common to all wines, undergoes a second one, fermentation…
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100% Glera
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