Barolo Mito DOCG

Thanks to its structure and elegance, which have earned it the title of “king of wines and wine of kings”, Barolo DOCG has to be paired with structured dishes. As a general rule, it pairs well with anything served with truffles or with braised meats. This said it is also the perfect wine to sip while you lose yourself in your thoughts.

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Barolo DOCG has a garnet color and an intense bouquet of fruit combined with spices. The nose perceives red berries, cherries preserved in spirit and jam, along with roses and withered violets. The scents of cherries in spirit continue on the palate, accompanied by toasted notes, with a nicely persistent finish. In wines originating in some MGA in particular, the scent of spices (cinnamon and pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, and licorice) and balsamic notes are clearly perceived.
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These grapes are fermented in stainless steel tubs at a temperature between 82-90°F. The time of maceration is around 10-12 days. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is transferred to medium-sized casks of Slavonic oak for at least two years.
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Sauvignon Blanc
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